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Frequently Asked Questions & Additional Information

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1. Can you describe the various range of performance possibilities you offer ?

Performances can be modified to accommodate the full range of needs and circumstances
The different performances on offer are:

1. Close-up magic :

Folks adore this form of entertainment. Commonly referred to as: Table Magic, Walk-a-round Magic or Strolling Magic, Tony moves from group to group mystifying and amazing your guests from as close as a few centimetres. (Tony’s absolute specialty).

Close-up can be for adults as well as children.

The duration of these performances are fully adaptable and vary according to each client’s specific requirement.

2. Group performances :

Throughout this one man show the audience is seated. These shows encourage lots of audience interaction and feature strong visuals, music (of course), tasteful humour, as well as loads of amazement.

The show’s magic incorporates elements of Mentalism, Manipulation, Card magic, and General Magic, to produce a guaranteed spectacular amazement. When you hire magician Tony Price you and your guests are guaranteed to be mystified.

These performances – adored by young and old – last approximately one hour and are fully adapted to each client’s specific needs.

These group performances require; a sound system and a technician; Up to an audience of about 100 people no stage is required.

We understand you may not be familiar with the ins and outs of a magic show. We welcome your questions and invite you to contact us via telephone (0477 695 889) or through the contact for for a no-obligation conversation.

3. Combination Performance: Close-up magic & One Man Show :

This is a highly recommended formula. For two hours, Tony casually strolls the reception and table areas, entertaining individual groups of guests with displays of amazing close-up magic. After the main course, your guests relax while watching an extraordinary 20 or 45 minute one man show.

2. Why does a magician hardly ever mention remunerations on their website ?

The performance costs depend on several factors, including :

* The type of performance chosen (Close-up magic, One man show or a combination of both).
* The duration of the performance.
* The travel distance to the location.
* Whether it is a :
* private performance (Birthday party, communion, wedding, etc.)? or…
* company party (staff party, open house, V.I.P, customers event, etc.)

It is only after such factors have been determined, that an accurate quote can be provided.

It is our pleasure to provide you with a fully non-committal estimate.
Please contact us at 0477 695 889 or through the contact form.

3. How is transportation cost calculated ?

The transportation cost depends on the place of departure and the location of performance. It is calculated from Ghent to the location at a price of 0.35 €/km.

4. Is it possible to come and see you perform during an ongoing performance ?

The majority of performances are private. Admittance by a public spectator is therefore fully reliant on the client’s discretion.

5. How far are you willing to travel ?

Tony has worked on international cruise lines, as well as performed in North America,
Egypt, Italy, France, Holland, etc.
The typical local performance areas include Paris, Amsterdam and most regions in between.
There is thusly a great chance that Tony can come to your event; should this not be the case, then he will gladly help you find a replacement performer closer to home.

6. What tricks will you perform ?

Explaining which tricks Tony will perform would remove the element of surprise; and that is an essential element of the show.
The Performance is all about the experience, the presentation and the interaction between the performer and his audience.
As Tony’s favourite magician, the entirely flabbergasting mister David Copperfield, says : “The real secret of magic lies in the performance.”
nd that is Tony’s strenght !
Tony insists that “an unhappy audience equals a full refund”, so there are no risks on your part when you hire magician Tony Price.

7. What if the group has a mix of languages? Can you perform in multiple languages ?

Tony is able to perform in French, English and Dutch.

8. What's the difference between a magician and an illusionist ?

Good question… On the outside there isn’t much difference; a magician creates illusions, as does an illusionist.

However, an illusionist works with large props, such as chests, cabinets, etc. He also makes people disappear (such as: stray animals, mothers in law, tax collectors, etc).

A good magician also has to be a great actor. A magician is actually ‘an actor playing the part of a magician’. A magician must be able to entertain, while at the same time flawlessly controll many often very difficult techniques (dexterity).

9. Why do magicians never explain their tricks ?

Just as music has only seven notes, magic also contains a limited amount of basic principles.
It is from these basic principles that all magic tricks and illusions are created. Should the public become aware of these principles, it would be much more difficult to completely involve them in the ‘magic’ of the illusion.
It’s a bit like telling a child that Santa Claus isn’t real… The magic immediately disappears.
Believe me, it’s more entertaining to maintain the atmosphere of : “How did he do that?”.

10. Is magic truly an art ?

Absolutely ! The dictionary will tell you that art is : “Through practise and study earned talent”.
Being a great magician requires a lot of talent at the outset and a lot of practise (several years).
Magic is the only profession where the audience does not know how good the artist is, because they are unaware of the secret techniques that are beingused.
The simpler the magician is able to present his illusions, the more talented he actually is !
Tony makes it look so effortless that the audience exclaims : “I want to be able to do that as well.”
The general public is quite unaware that it has taken many years to master this art; it also takes years of experience, lots of failure and additional study.
Add to the above the huge amount of professional determination and personal drive required to become the finest magician possible.
Many feel themselves called, but very few are chosen.

11. Do we have to provide a meal and a drink ?

If the performance takes place around noon or in the early evening, then a warm meal will be highly appreaciated. The organizer is also responsible for providing the required consumables from arrival till departure (not necessarily alcohol).

12. Do we have to provide a place to change clothing ?

Yes, people often forget that an artist has to change clothing as well as arrange additional preparations.
If there is a stage, it’s best to place the dressing room as close to it as possible, or ensure it allows easy access to the stage.
This also applies when the performance is Close-up Magic.

13. In case of a stage, how large should it be ?

Since spectators are often asked to come on stage, it should be at least 4 meters in length and 3 meters in depth.

14. If Tony has already been booked on the day of your event, what then ?

If Tony has already been booked on the day of your event, it will be his pleasure to assist you in all ways possible. And this ofcourse without any additional costs.
Tony’s number one concern is always a happy customer. He collaborates with the finest magicians and artists around.
Should Tony be unable to accept the booking, he will be happy to get in touch with his talented colleagues; they will be happy to be of service to you and they are sure not to disappoint.

Hire magician Tony Price and experience a day never to forget:

It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have or to provide a quotation. No obligations on your part. Contact us at 0032 477 695 889, or via the contact form below: