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Our Magical Teambuilding… A unique concept

Team buildings are indispensable in the business world today. They are an important aspect in the creation and conservation of a good business atmosphere.

A good business atmosphere is a boon for your enterprise. And a good atmosphere is created with strong teams.

That is where our unique, original and magical team building will be of excellent service to you.

Tony Price Productions is the enthusiastic organizer of your Corporate Team building.

The formula consists of a pleasant mix of amusing interactions that stimulate team spirit, collaboration, creativity and out of the box thinking. Through magic, presentations and communication, we reinforce the values of your company.

A spontaneous interaction between participants arises. Our unstrained and ludic approach leads to an exceptional atmosphere that will linger on for many days after.


All our team building tasks are designed to foster team spirit.

In the section 'Testing your creative skills and problem solving abilities' the participants experience magic tricks and illusions, without knowing how they are being done. Afterwards, in small groups of about 5 people, they search for the possible solutions.

In the section 'building rapport' the participants learn to create a bond with customers, other people and of course each other.

In the section 'lateral thinking' we show the participants how they can find solutions for recognizable, often hopeless problems by thinking in a totally different way.

You may also want to have the magical moments linger on during dinner, after the Team building and book Tony for some of the strongest close-up magic you'll ever see. There are lots of possibilities, but one thing is for sure, we guarantee satisfaction.

We make your team(s) stronger ! Our team building brings people together ! Our team building relaxes !

Our unstrained and ludic approach leads to an exceptional atmosphere that will linger on.

Tony Price Productions' stimulates team spirit, teamwork, creativity and thinking of solutions.

Tony Price is a thoroughbred entertainer ; he delivers truly unforgettable and original team buildings.

Hire magician Tony Price and experience a day never to forget:

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