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in Dutch and French, as well as in English!

You understand your craft LIKE NO ONE ELSE, Tony. I understand why people keep hiring your services as a magician.
Liliane Saint-Pierre (Belgian Singer)
Tony, how you made my money disappear I may never know… But you're doing it AWESOMELY!
Eddy Wally (Former Singer)
Wow… Everyone really BLOWN AWAY by the close-up magic. It happens right under our noses and yet we couldn’t see anything!
Pavel Del
Also for the illusions you performed on stage, we still have NOT FOUND A CONCLUSIVE STATEMENT! May this show our APPRECIATION.
Martijn Kooistra - BTR Services
BEAUTIFUL TEAM BUILDING that will be talked about for a long time to come. FUN INTERACTIONS with the attendees. A man who really knows his craft!
Sven Nysten - Guide Local
Tony, you were simply AMAZING. Your Magic, as well as you as a person. I can't say it enough: YOU'RE ONE OF A KIND!
Yono Swaelens
INCREDIBLE that you could conjure up so many good tricks, without making a single mistake! And you did it with SUCH AMAZING EASE…
Neighborhood Committee Bruges
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Magician Tony Price performs a stunning cardtrick with 4 disappearing aces. Magician Tony Price performs a cool trick where he transforms a 10 euro bill into a hundred euro bill. Magician Tony Price performs a great trick where a playing card seems to turn inside out.

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Pure passion for the art of magic

Get to know magician tony price

It was the legendary illusionist David Copperfield himself who captured Tony's imagination once and for all. During a performance by the greatest magician the world has ever seen, Tony watched with an open mouth, knowing right away: “There’s no business like showbusiness!”
Goochelaar Tony Price Goochelaar Tony Price Goochelaar Tony Price
In the years that followed, Tony Price established himself as a renowned magician with his one-of-a-kind style. With apparent ease, he astounded audiences with his powerful and seemingly impossible magic tricks. His exceptional dexterity and unparalleled performances earned him high praise from his peers and numerous awards. Read more...
My ultimate goal is to provide an unforgettable magical experience to each and every one of my audiences, leaving them with a sense of complete satisfaction, and I will tirelessly work towards that end. Tony Price

Frequently asked questions

Vraag sluiten
What does it cost to hire a magician?

The fee for hiring Tony as a magician depends on various factors, such as:

  • The type of animation preferred: Tony offers different types of shows, including close-up magic, magic “à la carte”, one-man shows, team buildings, workshops and children's shows, which all vary in rates.
  • The duration of the event: It is important to consider the duration of the event, as close-up magic can range from one to several hours, while corporate events and fairs usually range from one to three hours or sometimes even the entire day.
  • The location of the party or event: The location of the event also plays an important role, for instance in determining the transport costs.

For the best results, it is recommended to hire a professional magician with ample experience. Below are some guide prices for different types of magicians:

  • An amateur magician: < €300 (usually someone who is just starting out).
  • A semi-professional magician: €300 - €500 (usually someone who has a day job but performs magic as a secondary occupation).
  • A professional magician: €500 - €1,000 (has the necessary experience and can provide the required service, has acted in alls kinds of situations and is at home in all markets).

For more information and a non-binding conversation, it is best to give Tony a call. This will provide interesting information and may cover aspects that were not previously considered when organizing the party 😉.

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How long does a performance last?

The duration of Tony's performance is determined by the option chosen and the budget available.

Tony offers several options such as ‘close-up magic’, ‘table hopping’, ‘strolling magic’, ‘one-man shows’, ‘family shows’, ‘team buildings’, and ‘workshops’.

The duration can also vary depending on the type of event.

For example:

  • Close-up magic, table hopping, and strolling magic are usually booked for one to three hours, depending on the number of guests.
  • A one-man show or family show typically lasts one hour, but can be extended if desired.
  • A combination of close-up magic and a one-man show requires a minimum of three hours.
  • A team building can be booked for one to three hours depending on the needs.
  • At fairs, Tony is usually hired for the entire day, but shorter periods can also be arranged. Performances for children typically last one hour.
  • Workshops such as "Introduction into the wonderful world of magic" (for adults) and "Learning to do magic with Tony" (for children) can be booked for one to three hours.

For more information and to determine the best time period for your event or party, it is recommended to give Tony a call. He will be able to provide personalized advice.


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You say that mailing is fine, but calling is better. Why is that so?

Contacting Tony by telephone is recommended as it is faster and more effective than email. When you call, you can immediately confirm Tony's availability and learn about the different options available.

Tony will ask additional questions to better understand the event, such as whether it's a private party or corporate event, the occasion, and the type of entertainment desired.

This information will help Tony provide the best options for your party and give you a clear understanding of each option. After the conversation, all the information will be sent to you via email for easy consultation and decision making.

Some people may be hesitant to call as they may think that they will feel pressured to make a decision or that the call is not entirely without obligation. However, Tony's friendly demeanor will put you at ease and you will find that the call is informative and pressure-free.

Emailing can take multiple exchanges to provide the best options, whereas a phone call can often accomplish the same in one conversation.

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What if the group is multiligual?

If the group is multilingual, hiring Tony as a magician is a great option as he is fluent in English, French, and Dutch. This means that he can perform his shows seamlessly in any of these three languages, making it accessible for all guests regardless of their preferred language.

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Can we come and see a performance?

Tony primarily performs at private parties and corporate events, so it is not typically possible to attend a performance as they are closed events. However, please reach out to Tony, he may have upcoming public events or shows you can attend.

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