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Close-up Magic:

Close-Up Magic, as the name suggests, is powerful magic performed right next to the audience themselves.
When you hire the right magician for your event or party the audience not only doesn’t see how the magic is done, they don’t even suspect anything is going on !
The people think that they’ll be able to catch Tony out while he is performing right next to them but they never ever do. That is because Tony is always three steps ahead of his audience.
If you are planning a wedding party, a corporate function, a birthday party, or any other dinner Party… then contact Tony today for a no obligation quote to see what he can add to your event. Magician Tony Price is the perfect entertainment for hire for ANY event.
Your event deserves exquisite entertainment and Tony has a modern and contemporary style which is exactly that.
Imagine Tony making your finger ring vanish and appear in a sealed enveloppe, or changing your banknote into a much larger one, or make a card vanish from between your own hands.

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When you:
        – are looking for a magician with a fun, engaging, fresh and innovative style.
        – need entertainment for an event where entertaining an adult audience is the primary focus.
        – want to hire a magician based on quality.
        – need a magician who will create lasting memories and an unforgettable experience.
Then you have come to the righ place !
With a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee you can hire Tony Price with confidence.

Hire magician Tony Price and experience a day never to forget:

It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have or to provide a quotation. No obligations on your part. Contact us at 0032 477 695 889, or via the contact form below: