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You have a jubilee to celebrate and are looking for suitable entertainment? Well, then hiring Tony Price as a magician at your party is a great choice!

First and foremost, congratulations are in order on your anniversary. This day should be special and special it will certainly become when you hire Tony Price.

Tony Price op uw jubileumfeest Tony Price op uw jubileumfeest

Tony offers top level entertainment and this at an affordable price. The following options exist:

  • Close-up magic (sometimes also called table magic or strolling magic).
  • A one man show or group performance.
  • A combination between both close-up magic and a stand-up act.

At the celebration of a jubilee party, for instance, people often choose walk around magic during the reception and during the different courses of the meal; And after the main course like to have a one-man show to have some time before consuming the dessert.

The budget you wish to spend, of course, comes into play; however just communicate your wishes and desires freely to Tony and he will do all that he can do to accommodate you and to provide the best of service. Whether you hire Tony for just one hour or book him for the entire duration of your event, he will especially tailor your wishes.

Right after completing the contact form, you will notice that Tony has only one thing in mind: the optimal satisfaction of his customers.

Magician Tony Price makes your anniversary a celebration that will last for a long time:

The interaction with your guests, the pleasant humor, the most imaginative tricks you'll ever see and the passion with which Tony has been entertaining audiences around the world for over 25 years, will leave an impression that will linger on for a long time.

Imagine the astonishment on the faces of your guests when a borrowed ring disappears visibly and then reappears in a totally impossible location; or when a borrowed banknote turns into a much higher value; or even when a playing card disappears from within the hands of a spectator... Yes, truly. And this is done with regular cards and can be performed with your own cards.

Tony Price op uw jubileumfeest Tony Price op uw jubileumfeest

There are many reasons to hire Tony Price magician:

  • Tony uses a "not completely satisfied, non-payment" warranty.
  • Whoever hires Tony can count on professionalism across the entire line. During the booking process as well as during and after the performance.
  • Seeing Tony perform is like watching the art of magic being performed in its highest form. His acts are perfectly presented and of a technically very high level.
  • Tony has a cool and friendly way of entertaining your guests.
  • With Tony you will only experience pleasant surprises.
  • You will witness spectacular, perfectly presented magical entertainment. At times he will make you laugh your socks off.
  • Tony only receives 5 star reviews.

Contact Tony today for more information, because he is one of Belgium's most sought-after close-up magicians.


Magician Tony Price was recently hired to perform throughout Belgium (Flemish Brabant, Antwerp, East Flanders, West Flanders, Limburg, Hainaut, Liège, Luxemburg, Namur and Walloon Brabant.

Tony Price was recently hired to perform at jubilees and other private parties at locations such as:

De Montil in Affligem, Lebbeke castle, Saffelare castle, Bilderberg castle 'Vaalsbroek' (Holland), the Garden Hotel Bilderberg at Amsterdam, The Steigenberger Wiltcher's Hotel in Brussels, Banquet hall the Architect in Lennik, Jemeppe castle in Hargimont, Boullion castle, Mantovani Salons in Oudenaarde, Bilderberg castle 'Doorwerth' in Veluwe (Holland), banquet rooms 'Breughel' at Lochristi, Hof Ter Velden at Dendermonde, Art Catering at Zwalm, the Tower hotel at Aalst, Art Cube in Ghent, the Eskimo factory in Ghent, Le Relais du Marquis in Ittre, Domaine des 5 sens te Saintes, Walburg castle at Sint Niklaas, and many other places ...

And hopefully soon at your jubilee!

Hire magician Tony Price and experience a day never to forget:

It will be our pleasure to answer any questions you may have or to provide a quotation. No obligations on your part. Contact us at 0032 477 695 889, or via the contact form below: